Hi, I am Nabil

I lead product teams to deliver the best user centric experiences! Love designing products and helping the development teams to engineer them. Actively learning and getting better at the art of Product Management. Expanding my forte from Design & Execution to Vision & Strategy.

Here's a quick glance at my past journey which lead me to the Product domain - Web DeveloperAndroid DeveloperiOS DeveloperTeam Lead | Product Designer → **...

Currently leading —- Yatri:** The Official Central Railway Mobile App

Yatri: Official Mumbai Local Railway Timetable App - Apps on Google Play

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Reach me at —-

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Let's talk about my Expertise

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Leading the Design with - the "What" behind a problem and "Why" behind a solution. This is where we keep ourselves in the shoes of the users and design products keeping them at the epicentre.
With 3+ years of design experience in sketching wireframes, UIs & designing high fidelity prototypes, I help the team to design the best user experiences.

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With a development background of both web & app, I help engineering teams in creating process flows, designing database schemas & implementing scalable APIs. With 4+ years of development experience and an arsenal of proven frameworks, I enable the team to engineer and deliver the best product experiences.

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Team leading is an art and there's always something to learn and improve. With 6+ years of experience working with a team of designers, developers, QAs, and having an experience in those domains, I help each one of them to reach their true potential. While delivering results to the company, I first prioritise the learnings and growth of my team!

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Planning puts all the pieces together and gets the final output! With 4+ years of experience managing service based projects and planning every bit - right from requirement gathering to the deployment, I now bring this experience to Product Management.
Setting a roadmap of the product, prioritising & planning cross domain team tasks, aligning resources and getting things done!

Featured Work


<aside> 👨🏻‍💻 Before leading the teams, I have worked as an Android developer, iOS developer & as a Product Designer.

I'll list some of my works which I am proud of and took immense work to get it out there! I'll tag each project as per my contributions to them.

Most of my work was Green-field Projects and hence you'll see a lot of tags since I had to wear many hats! But that's what learning is all about, isn't it?


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Pinned Articles


<aside> ✍ I write about my experiences managing Cross-domain App Development teams and Product Designing.

Usually, my articles are the findings and implementation of the process flows that worked for me and my team. I try to share those findings with the community in an attempt to give something back.

We keep learning so much from the community on a daily basis. I encourage everyone to share their learnings & findings and help grow the community together!


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